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Club News

Club statement on pyrotechnics

17 February 2016

Important reminder

Cheltenham Town Football Club would like to issue a reminder to all supporters that it is illegal to bring smoke bombs, flares and any other pyrotechnic devices into a football ground.

Anyone found in possession of a pyrotechnic device within the World of Smile Stadium is liable to arrest and conviction leading to a criminal record.

The following facts regarding pyrotechics must be borne in mind:

- The suffocating smoke from flares and smoke bombs can leave supporters fighting for breath
- A burning flare can reach a temperature of 1600 degrees celcius - extreme enough to melt most metal
- Bringing flares or smoke bombs to a game could get you a criminal record and a lengthy ban from football
- Smoke from pyros could stop you from seeing your team score
- Smoke billowing across the pitch can affect the play - or even cause the game to be delayed
- Flares contain burning metals to any injury caused by them is likely to be extreme

Following recent incidents at the World of Smile Stadium stewards will be increasing their vigilance with regard to pyrotechnic devices and a police investigation is currently under way to identify those responsible for setting them off at the ground.

We thank you for your passionate support but we ask that you continue to do so in a safe and legal way.

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