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VIDEO: Gary Johnson post Torquay press call

30 August 2015

Gaffer delighted with big effort from his 10-man winning side

Cheltenham Town Manager Gary Johnson spoke to the press after his side's 3-0 victory away at Torquay:

Gary Johnson on his initial reaction to the win:

Very very satisfying of course, you are always disappointed when you lose a man, you've prepared all week to have 11 men and when you're down to 10 men for what ever reason, obviously it takes a lot of heart and a big effort from the 10 men, and that's exactly what they did. They were like Trojans today. We felt we needed to engage in both penalty boxes and we certainly did that.
I'm so pleased for Wrighty (Danny Wright)  because he doesn't half work hard and get kicked, pulled, punched and everything else so he got his reward and I'm pleased with that.
I will be going home very very proud of our 10 men. I feel sorry for George because I thought he was just competing, it wasn't a vicious foul at all and I thought it was just like the one on Wrighty a couple of minutes earlier.

But we've got through it; three points, three goals and no goals against and 10 very happy, along with the subs, happy people in that dressing room.

On the sending off:

The view from the camera on the other side of the ground may well tell a different story. At the end of the day the story is about winning three nil anyway and it works in our favour in the end. I wish we could have had a crystal ball so that when somebody gets sent off we can all look and say that's great, we're going to win now.
What we do know is that we've got a group of people who can handle having 10 men and if they all give 10% extra, which they did and more today, that is your extra man. We certainly didn't look like we only had 10.
We had to change our shape a bit to 4-4-1 and Wrighty had to work very hard but he got himself in among their three centre halves and we also created some very good chances. We didn't just sit back in our own box, we came out and I thought looked very good.

On the benefit of having experienced players:

I think there are certain lads in the dressing room like Storz (Kyle Storer), Downesy (Aaron Downes) and Pars (Daniel Parslow) who have been there before and they can rally the troops and keep them focused and organised.
They also put their heads on everything that came into our box, heading wise we got on to everything.
Harry Pell also used his 6'7" to get headers out. Dillon our keeper picked up everything, nothing was spilt so it didn't give them that energy to get about us, because nobody made any mistakes.

On Asa Hall:

He's a good footballer, he put us in twice and was only on for 20 minutes, Munnsy (Jack Munns) picked up a little knock and we could afford to half 9 and a half men, I'm not talking about his size I mean the little injury that he had!
Asa came on and he's the same as James Rowe, they're very good at passing and keeping possession so we've got a good 14 or 15 first team squad.

On Monday's match and the fans:

I won't let the players think about fatigue. We'll do everything right we'll be in tomorrow and will do the hot and cold recovery session. They know what to expect, they know we can get them right within a day or two and I suppose you could say we've got two and a half hours extra than some of the other teams who are playing on Monday.
The fact that it's on TV means that nobody will be thinking about the physical side of things. It will all be heart on Monday.
They are going well as well, I think they won again Today so it will be a big clash. It will be great to get as many Cheltenham fans there as possible. They were magnificent today I need to say that, right through the game they were the 11th man. They are often the 12th man but today it was the 11th.
If we can get more of those type of people in the World of Smile Stadium then we'll have a very fun season.

Watch the interview here:

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