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VIDEO: Gary Johnson after the 3-0 home win over Southport

15 August 2015

On celebrating with the fans and winning the match:

It was nice because we've all been a little bit frustrated after the last couple of games and that was just letting go of the frustration I suppose that we all felt.
I thought they deserved the fist pump, I know they wanted four goals but three was enough.
But really it was a release of the pressure because we've been playing all right and we know that we've been creating lots and lots of chances. It's just a realisation that we can score goals and good goals as well, they were three great finishes.
Plus we haven't let any goals in ourselves which is good plus three quality goals.
And the lads at half time, I could have got into them but I just said keep going. We were creating chances and opportunities so I just said Keep going, we will eventually demoralise the opposition and I think eventually that's what we did.

On another scoreless first half:

I just said, other than goals, there's noting more you can do. We were playing some good football, we were getting the ball in the box, it was just a case of finding that perfect pass for the perfect run for the goal.
We did eventually score from the perfect corner, then a couple of perfect balls for the two goals. Good players don't stay poor for too long, we're at a level where we're going to make mistakes, they're going to give the ball away every now and again but I thought that was a really assured performance.

On the start to the season:
We haven't really done anything yet, we've had half a decent start now with 5 points and have probably crept up a few places but that was an important one to win.
I knew the pressure we were under to get that win, we didn't want people doubting us and now we are going into the next few games with some confidence.

On Amari Morgan-Smith and his two goals:

That first one was special, I made out that I was going to take him off after his two goals and his face was a picture. I was only joking of course, they were two fantastic goals but he earned them because he worked hard.
When I take him off early sometimes it's because he isn't as effective later on in games as he is at the beginning. He really showed what he could do today.
The fitter he gets and the more often he plays the better he will get because there is no doubt he could play at another level.

On bringing on James Bowen:

Well poor old George (McLennan) was sick at half time and he had given everything. I thought that was one of his best performances this season.
He really gave us everything, instead of cowering away and not doing anything he really showed some energy and yet he was ill.
The doc kept saying to me just after half time that he really should be coming off now and I kept saying five more minutes, five more minutes.
I got him to the last five minutes and I said well done George because I owe him one now.

On all of his substitutes:

I thought they all did well and had an impact. Josh came on at the end and got into them a bit.
It just makes the opposition think oh no, they've got someone else coming on who fancies it.

On Josh Cooke and Aaron Downes:

No he doesn't look 18! He looks older than Downesy. No actually, no one looks older than Downes.
But I should talk about him now I've mentioned his name. It was a fantastic header, he got onto a couple and we knew it was only a matter of time before we got the right ball, the right run.
He terrific at attacking the ball, both offensively and defensively. He'll score a few this year, that's why we bought him here.

On the positive atmosphere around the club:

I'm really pleased with it, it's been the same all through pre-season as well. If we'd have lost 3-0 it might have been different but I think they've all seen the players who represent Cheltenham Town at the moment are passionate and have ability.
If we can get it all right, I know there's a long way to go, but I think we can be a force at this level, as a club.
I just want it to grow, I want the support to grow and I want people to enjoy the football that the lads are playing and trust me and them, that's all we can ask and then the club will grow and grow.

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