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Time to look forward now, says Cheltenham Town chairman Paul Baker

27 April 2015

Cheltenham Town chairman Paul Baker says lessons will be learned from a terrible season for the club, but it is now time to look forward:

"It’s massively disappointing to be relegated, but you can’t say it wasn’t on the cards," Baker said.

"It’s one to forget because it’s been a dreadful season, but we can now look forward and that’s what I am going to do.

"I am committed to staying on and we need to appoint a manager very soon – I want that manager to be Gary Johnson.

"We need to make sure we get our player recruitment right because that’s been crap for the past 24 months with one or two exceptions.

"The players aren’t good enough and that’s why we are where we are. People can blame the board, for our decisions and yes, some have been wrong.

"We have got more wrong than right this season, but over 16 years we’ve done a huge amount for this club.

"The stadium has been almost entirely rebuilt and we have a great training set-up. We will restructure the board and we have lessons to learn, but we have to remember we have got a lot right too.

"It’s all about managerial recruitment and player recruitment so we have the make sure the next manager is the right one because all season we’ve been papering over cracks.

"We flattered ourselves at the beginning of the season. Maybe we persevered with Mark Yates for too long. I will take responsibility for the decisions we made, but I’ll also take the last 16 years: Millennium Stadium twice, Wembley twice, Elland Road and White Hart Lane to name a few.

"True fans will be renewing their season tickets and be here for the first game of next season.

"I am as upset as anybody, but it’s now about how we respond to this. We need a manager in place so the fans can see we are serious about next season, then we will see new players coming in. Most of these players will be gone and there will be positives to come out of it."

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