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Robins Trust Announcement regarding Bryan Jacob

6 November 2014

IN September 2013, the Robins Trust learned of the sad death of our friend and colleague Bryan Jacob. 
Bryan played an integral role in the formation and establishing of the Robins Trust and served on the Trust’s board for many years as secretary. 
His meticulous mind and jovial nature kept all of the Trust board on their toes and livened-up many a tough board meeting. 
In his will, Bryan left the majority of his estate to the Robins Trust: A truly fantastic gesture from a wonderful man. 
The Robins Trust board do not know the final amounts that will be received from this fantastic gesture, but want to make this announcement in order to be open and transparent to our members. 
This amount of money is likely to take the Trust beyond the £100,000 threshold as laid down by Cheltenham Town chairman Paul Baker to earn a seat on the Football Club board. 
The Trust have maintained regular communication with Paul Baker throughout the past year and look forward to working with the Football Club once the legal matters of the estate are sorted. 
Robins Trust chairman Clive Gowing said:  “This gesture from Bryan is incredible. The Trust board are honoured that he saw fit to trust us with what amounts to his life savings. 
“It is important that during the next few months we remember that Bryan has not given this money to the football club, it was his explicit wish to give it to the fans of the club. 
“Since learning of this amazing gesture a year ago, the Trust board have worked hard to ensure that the business side of the Trust is ready to receive such a large amount of money. 
“We have taken advice from Supporters Direct and will continue to work closely with them in the coming months to ensure Bryan’s legacy is one that will benefit every Cheltenham Town supporter. 
“While we appreciate that there will be great interest from supporters in both the value of the estate and the timing of when the Trust will receive the money, we ask for everyone’s patience. 
“This is an ongoing legal process and one that we don’t expect to be resolved quickly. 
“Once the Trust board is in a position to impart more information, we will call a Special General Meeting to do so. 
“We also ask any Cheltenham Town fans that are considering joining the Trust to do so now, because you will all have a say about how and when this money is spent.” 
“Bryan is greatly missed by everyone on the Trust board, his enthusiasm and hard-work undertaken during his time as secretary was fantastic. 
“This incredible gesture will mean that Bryan’s name will never be forgotten and I hope all Cheltenham Town fans will join me in thanking and remembering a terrific guy.” 
Cheltenham Town chairman Paul Baker added: “I was very fond of Bryan, he was an enthusiastic and committed supporter. 
“We shared the same gym and he was often on the machine next to me chatting away about the football, he was a great guy. 
“It was a huge, huge gesture from Bryan, not only was he passionate about investing in the club, he was passionate about supporter investment as this shows. 
“It’s an exciting time for the Trust and a huge time for the football club too as we hope to take an elected Trust representative on to the board of directors. 
“I’m all for greater engagement with the supporters and this gesture should put the wheels in motion for that to happen. 
“Bryan will never know how important that investment will be and it’s a great mark of the man that it can have a major impact on the club. 
“I have been involved with the Robins Trust since day one and I have great empathy with the cause and what the Trust try to do. 
“I want the Trust to have an ongoing relationship with the club going forward. The Trust has an important role to play. I hope this news will aid their aim of gaining new members.” 

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