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Yates: Keep Believing

24 January 2013

Mark Yates hopes the snow will clear for tomorrow's match against Rochdale.

Mark Yates speaking to the media ahead of Friday night's fixture against Rochdale.

The Robins training ground is still carpeted in snow so the players trained at Cirencester Arena this afternoon. 

"The snow hasn't given us the best preparations for tomorrows game, but we're really grateful that Cirencester have allowed us to use this place. 

"I need the white stuff to go, it's lovely for a couple of days but that's it. It's a pain for a footballer. We trained at the training ground on Monday but we you end up churning it up and the pitches will end up ruined. We had a really good day at Cirencester yesterday and hopefully we can carry that on and prepare for tomorrow. Unfortunately we're not in the position to go to the far east or Dubai and get our warm weather training, so we are grateful we've been able to use this place and we've just got to prepare as normal.

"The pitch has been updated here in Cirencester, It's a 3G pitch and Swindon were here yesterday and Forest Green Rovers this morning. We have to fit in training when we can book it but it's a good facility.

"We're working on the basis the game is on this Friday. Contingencies have been made should it not go ahead. The groundsman it stuck in between two stools at the minute. He could do with the snow clearing off but if we get helpers in clearing the snow it could ruin the pitch underneath. I feel for Terry (the groundsman) but he's been in constant touch with me. He's doing all we can and the club will do all they can."

Darren Carter's contract expired on Wednesday and his future still lies in the balance.

"It appears myself and his agent have got our wires crossed slightly on a couple of things. I thought it was done, I think Darren wants to sign and I'm hopeful it will get concluded, if not then we will have done everything we can. I hopeful Darren will be here.

"With regards to other transfers, there's lots going on under the surface and it looks as though as though I've done absolutely nothing for the last few weeks, in terms of player recruitment, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  It's just a case of I know what I want, if I don't get A then I want B or C or whatever. It's a case of getting the ones that I can. If I have to wait a little longer than ideal then I'm quite prepared to do that.

"It amazes me where some of the rumours come from, I've heard I upset a few people with my attitude last week but I get bored of the same questions sometimes and I like to do my business in private. I understand people want it out there, but when it's out there it alerts other people and makes my job even harder."

The Gloucestershire Echo and the Sheffield Star linked Sheffield United striker with the Robins this morning.

"The first I knew about the Chris Porter rumour was on the way here. Booky got hold of me on the way down here and it said on the back of the paper apparently we're signing Chris Porter. It was a shock to me and a shock to him. He's a good player and we know that but it's not something I can honestly say I've pursued."

Rochdale have recently appointed Kith Hill as Manager who played with Mark during their time at Cheltenham.

"Keith Hill was great here, he was a great character to have around. He was a good player, we all knew that. He didn't have the best of times at our club but got the best out of Julian Alsop and that's what I think the people of Cheltenham will really remember him for. He got Julian Alsop firing and taught him how to behave himself and be the model professional  The job Keith did at Rochdale was some achievement, he's done bigger and better things since and I was shocked like everybody else that he left Barnsley. He's another good manager in League 2. Neil speaks to him quite regularly  he's a good football man, he's his own man and he'll have Rochdale trying to surge up that table.

"Their players will want to impress in his first game in charge, but we have to be aware of that. We have to show Rochdale that we're not the team that went up there and got our backsides tanned. We've got to make sure they see a different side to us and if we do that well give anybody a game.

"Their front four are decent, the middle two are decent the back four aren't bad and the keeper's pretty good. They've got good players. Whether Keith will change the way they play I don't know. They've got good players we have to be wary of but we're at home and we've got to address what went wrong a couple of weeks ago."

As a result of the cold weather, Mark's been having phone issues this morning and had to go into a local phone shop this morning to sort out a new handset but is still hoping to try and get players in.

"I've just told you my story with my phone, that's been a disaster. Hopefully it warms through and comes back on. Potentially I could have 1 or 2, that said if there's nothing done I'm more than happy because the performance the other night was encouraging. We've just go to keep believing and keep going."

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