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Yates: Board Have Been Fantastic

31 January 2013

Mark Yates believes that whatever he does will be to make Cheltenham Town a better side.

Mark Yates speaking to the media on Transfer Deadline Day and ahead of Saturday's npower League Two fixture against Torquay United.

Mark Yates was reluctant to speak about potential deals that could happen throughout the course of today.

"There will be a bit of something later, I can't talk about it now because I don't want to until it's done. I will have some more news for supporters and for everybody later but I can't divulge it now. It's a good little thing for us."

He finished by adding "We will talk about it more later."

The Cheltenham Town manager did have more to say about those he had already signed in January and the current situation the club are in.

"I would have liked to do the business at the start of January but it always happens late on but we're pleased with the business we've done so far. We'll probably have 1 or 2 more than I thought I would by the end of the window but I think it's necessary. We're in a good position and the players we're signing are good players, good quality players and I think in the current situation we find ourselves in we just need a bit of help. The more good players we can have here, the more competition we can create out there on the grass and on the pitch on a Saturday, the more it will stand us in a good stead for the remainder of the season. I'm really looking forward to getting back in tomorrow, working with the group we have and going from there. That's nothing against any player that's been here all season and beyond. It's the right time to get a couple in and help everyone along.

"It will be a tough job picking the team to face Torquay but I think that's what we've got to have. We need that competition back again. We've had a really good week but we'll have an even better next few weeks with the group we will hopefully have come tomorrow morning. 

"We've got 18 games to go and we're in a good position. The aim with the players we've brought in is to show the immediate ambition of the club. We've signed Jason Taylor and we're looking at things for next season as well and hopefully that's where we are with one we possibly might be trying to bring in later.

"We've brought in Michael Hector and Luke McCullough who are defenders, I want some presence at the back but we've got a bit of pace as well. Do I see them playing together for the next 18 games? No, but we need competition and with Harry's injury I think we were running at 5 defenders so it was important that I brought people in. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks but I'm delighted we've been able to get these few players. It's a bit chaotic at the moment and I just want to get a good session into the players this morning. There's a bit of business being done today hopefully. I think the board have been absolutely fantastic to find the resources to do what we've done.

"We're bringing in good players to add to an already good group of players. We want to get out there this morning and get them running around. Get them playing with each other. I don't know whether I'm going to make lots of changes on Saturday night, it's going to be a gradual process but whatever I do will be to make us better. We are up there, I think with the additions we are trying to bring in and have done I think we can push on. We're going to have to work hard on the training ground, it's going to be enjoyable and it's going to be hard work but that's what we want. 

"The board have been fantastic, I've asked, they've given and I've asked again and they've given a bit more. It's exciting times, not only for now but also for next year. There always has to be the next part of the plan and that's why we got Jason. 

"I don't think I've made this many signings in all my previous  transfer windows, never mind in one. In an ideal world I probably wouldn't have done so many, but we've got good players on good deals and we've got people who are going to help us immediately and look to the future as well. I'm delighted, we were down to about 17 players and we were light on numbers. You've only got to look at the programmes when teams come to us, our team sheet stops and the opposition has 5 or 6 more on their list. I've wanted more players and the board have been brilliant in doing that for the remainder of this season and I think the quality that we're bringing in this season is decent as well.

"I went to the Torquay game Monday night and I'll go to the Bristol Rovers game tomorrow evening. The transfer window doesn't take my focus off our upcoming games, it's just long days and late nights. It's not a problem, you get it sorted because it's part of the job. I'll be glad when tonight's over and when I get back in tomorrow and know what I'm working with, knowing this is where we are. The boys can now re-focus, not that we've taken our eye of the ball but we need a little bit of fresh impetus to get us going and that's why we are doing what we're doing.

"Today, we will probably mix training around,  we'll just get the boys out today and get the new boys integrated, get them working how we work and we'll have a good hour and 15 minutes on the grass. It will be an enjoyable session for them hopefully but it will be about how we set up and the new boys understanding that and understanding that quickly. 

"We're not bringing in a ridiculous amount, probably as many as I would have wanted. Most of the boys know most of the boys that we're bringing in. They know they're good players and our current players can't fear it, they can't think they are going to take their place in the squad, they are here to help, they are here to get us where we want to get to and sometimes they've got to take the challenge on and that's exactly what I'm saying to them. No one will be guaranteed a place in that starting line-up and that's the way it has got to be. If we can do that and the boys are fighting for the shirt during the week and performing to the best of their ability on Saturday then that can only be good for Cheltenham Town. 

"I will sit down with Neil tonight and we will work out exactly where we're going in terms of Saturday. Torquay are a good side and they got a good result the other night and they are a difficult team to beat at the best of times. I'm sure come Saturday our focus will be 100% on our next game which is the most important thing.

"Darren Carter has been worked to the bone by Wes and the medical team. He's back in the group today so it will be like having another player as well. He's missed the last few games and he's been a loss for us. He'll be relieved to get back with the players rather than with the physios and he  tells me his ankle is looking and feeling great."  

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