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Yates: Not Good Enough

6 April 2013

Mark Yates slams his team's performance following the 2-0 defeat at Plymouth.

Robins chief Mark Yates speaks to the media following this afternoon's 2-0 loss to Plymouth Argyle:

"We didn't turn up. It was not good enough and we were well and truly beaten. We were lucky to get away with just 2-0 because we didn't cause them any problems but we caused ourselves plenty. It wasn't good enough by a country mile but we live to fight another day.

"Scotty Brown and Byron (Harrison) has done alright but we were hopeless and everyone is a little frustrated. We were abject at best but let's get out of here, lick our wounds and prepare for next week.

"We started well but Reuben Reid bullied my two centre halves after the first fifteen minutes. We were hopeless at everything today and that sums it up to be honest. We have to look after ourselves, we know that but we can't destroy ourselves and we have to put it right. You have to take some positives from the other results around us but if we perform like that over the next three games then we won't get anything. We must now make sure why that happened today and that is what we'll do over the next couple of days.

"I have spoken to Weso about Paul Benson but the injury doesn't look particularly good right now and that's life.

"We looked lethargic, we didn't pass the ball but we didn't even lump it when we had the chance too with Stevey up front. We made bad decisions all over the pitch. This was always going to be a harder game than Northampton in different ways and we failed miserably today.

"My supporters are brilliant but one foul-mouthed drunken supporter is having a go at my players. I got them over their to clap them and show their appreciation and yes they can have a go at them but they don't need to swear at them and use vile words at individuals.

"We knew there would be twists and turns. Today we haven't done our jobs and we must make sure we are a million miles better next week."

Read the report here.

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